Universities of Leicester 1999 Summer Tour

Two reports of our 99 Summer Tour for you.

PHOTOS from the weekend ARE HERE

KCACR Report

Friday 16th July: 6.30pm

Martin Marshall, Emma Selling and Christine Marshall all pile into Ben Edwards blue Rover. Martin complains that "women take too much stuff" whilst Christine and Emma complain that "Martin's packing is more like unpacking". Martin has his map poised whilst Emma and Christine sit apprehensively in the back considering the last ringing outing when we missed a tower taking a detour around Crystal Palace!

We arrive two and a half hours later Ben being impressed by the "group effort" reverse parallel park; we grabbed our kit and made ourselves welcome. Here we met Paul Brook, Rachel Jones, Mark Banner and his parents Ray and Ruth who are both ringers. Next, in traditional bellringing style, we wandered down to the pub "The Half Brick" (searched high and low, no half bricks to be found!) Martin impressed us by his generosity and bought a round of drinks. Christine and Emma played darts while the boys "tried to form a hexagon with two pence pieces from two lines in only three moves". The boys take over the darts, while Emma and Christine wander down the coast and head towards the pier. Marks estimated time scale of fifteen minutes is considered unfair, Mark is six foot eight! The pub lights went out which was considered as a hint and we meandered "home" where we flaked out eventually going our seperate ways at 2am in the morning.

Saturday 17th July

Morning! Ben was not impressed by Mark's rude awakening whilst the Marshall Clan (including Emma) still half asleep with less than two hours sleep in some cases are up and fighting for the bathroom. After breakfast Emma and Christine felt faint with shock at the sight of Martin tea towel in hand; helping Ruth and Rachel washing up.

We were all hustled out of the house and made our way to Arundel (St. Nicholas 8 13-3-4cwt). Here we parked outside the cathedral (actually it was the church) and wandered around the town. Martin of course had to stop in "Three Cooks" for a sausage roll and drink. We came across the river where Em and Chris thought about proving the point to Martin of packing more clothes!

Walking back towards the cathedral we were surprised by Mark's shouts "over here" where stood a small in comparison church hidden by trees. Marks parents joined us for the ringing at Arundel, then left for their own little outing to Kent; where they visited Lenham, Pluckley, Hothfield, and Dover - Ray was not impressed by Hothfield's treble.

Pulborough (St. Mary 8 13-2-0cwt) Emma was totally stunned by the old clock and insisted on taking it home with her. We left Pulborough oblivious to the direction we were travelling in due to Mark's "I know the way" and Paul's bad map reading. Ah! Perhaps they were distracted by the going on of the car behind (the actions to YMCA must have looked rather peculiar especially when the driver was trying to go round a corner). Eventually after circling Pulborough we arrive at Tillington (All Hallows 5 6-1-10cwt), Ben not being impressed by the weight of the bells (Ha! Ha! Ben wait until after lunch). After persuading Christine to ring a touch of Grandsire Doubles we left for "The Half Moon" pub in North Chapel.

Ben was in his element after he, followed by Mark, beat Martin at pool. After warning of a rickety handrail above the narrow ladder to the belfry we crossed the road to the tower North Chapel (5 3cwt). Next was Kirdford (St John the Baptist 6 14cwt) where we again arrived late due to Ben having to have a photo taken of him on his namesake tractor. Here the ringing was interesting; we managed a touch of Stedman doubles with Christine rung in! Then managed to crash out three courses of Plain Bob Minor; this we blamed on the lack of sleep!

We were lucky to arrive at Billingshurst (St. Mary 8 14-2-18cwt) after Mark launched his car and co-inhabitants of the top of a hunch back bridge. Here was run an impressive silent 120 Plain Bob Doubles but, being confused about the number of whole pulls of rounds to be rung at the end, we did not stand in unison!

After a shower and Mark and Paul's matchmaking jokes aimed at Ben and Rachel, we left to go ten pin bowling Martin beat everyone, Mark the league bowler was not impressed. We left becoming fed up with the party medley music; after the second time. The boys were complaining they were hungary, we came across a pizza hut; where Martin was yet again defeated by his meat feast pizza! After needing a tub of vaseline to get Martin's head through the door we sat around writing postcards and watching TV until two in the morning, Christine decided to give the two seater sofa a miss and managed some zzzzzz's in the doorway.

Sunday 18th July

Ben was zombiefied after an even worse awakening and the threat of a bucket of water. After a rushed brekkie it was a pleasant surprise to ring Cambridge Major and Spliced Plain and Little on a Sunday morning; at Heene (St. Botolph 8 10-1-0cwt). After rushing home to put our "legs" on and Mark trying to lose us around Worthing we walked to the beach. Ben and Rachel went for a walk and paddle in the sea and arrived back to find their shoes immersed in water and about to float away. Paul tried to teach Christine to juggle using stones which was a hilarious sight considering they were both balancing on the breakwater. At twelve thirty we arrived back to the smell of burning charcoal. Mark and his parents had prepared a delicious BBQ and we sat in glorious sunshine as Ben turned into a lobster. We were having such a great time that Paul and Rachel missed their first train; after a tearful goodbye and promises of the arrangements of further outings; we left at around half past two. The ride home was fairly unecentful, apart from missing one turning due to the map reader (not Martin this time-he slept the whole way) trying to wind up a chewed up tape.

I would like to thank the Leicester Society of Change Ringers, for inviting us on an enjoyable outing. Also to Mark Banner, and his parents Ray and Ruth for putting up all of us in their hous. Thank you also to Ben Edwards and Mark Banner for providing us with transport. I look forward to future outings in Kent, Wales and Yorkshire.

Thanks again. Christine L Marshall.

Paul's Report

This year's summer tour was in and around Worthing, and was hosted by Mark, last year's president. Members attending were Paul Brook, Rachel Jones and Ben Edwards. Also present were Martin, Emma and Christine, welcome additions to swell the meagre ULSCR Ranks.

The weekend started on Friday 16th July, with attendees arriving by train and car from Yorkshire, London and Kent. When all had arrived, it was decided to adjourn to a local pub, where games of darts, a short trip to Worthing pier and of course drinking took place.

Saturday started (relatively) early, with a 9:00am start. We were joined at the first tower by Mark's parents, but unfortunately they were unable to stay with us for the rest of the day due to existing commitments.

The Towers rung at were as follows:

Arundel, St Nicholas, 8 (13-3-4 E)
Pulborough, St Mary, 8 (131/2cwt. F#)
Tillington, All Hallows, 5 (6-1-10 G)
North Chapel, 5
Kirdford, St John, 6 (141/4cwt. F)
Billingshurst, St Mary, 8 (101/4cwt. F#)

A break was taken in North Chapel to visit a local pub for food and drink. Only one 'detour' occurred, this was due to us setting off in the wrong direction to get from Pulborough to Tillington.

The evening's main entertainment consisted of a visit to a bowling alley. The evening concluded with a trip to Pizza Hut, finishing a very enjoyable evening.

Sunday started with ringing service at Heene, Mark's home tower. The remainder of the morning was spent on the beach, where the sight of flying stones was far from uncommon. Mark had to return early to remove a large splinter, although fortunately it was removed without serious damage.

On returning from the beach Mark exercised his Barbequing skills, after which we left, happy and well fed, from whence we came.

On behalf of all present I would like to thank Mark for organising the very enjoyable trip, and Mark's parents to their hospitality over the weekend.

Paul Brook