Quarter Peal Day, Dec 2, 1989

This report appeared in The Ringing World on Dec 2, 1989 - page 931.

Leicester University and Polytechnic Society

Having had time for the new members to 'settle in' we decided that a qurter peal day would consolidate the progress made during this term's practices.

With the help of associate members and local supporters, five quarter peals were attempted. Kent & Oxford and Plain Bob Minor were unsuccesful but each enabled members of the band to gain confidence.

Thanks to local towers for the use of their bells and to our resourceful conductors.


Great Glenn, Leics. 2 Dec, 1320 Cambridge S. Major: Amy Cook 1, B Heys 2, R T Wheelhouse (1st S. Major) 3, Kay S Horne 4, S P Peverett 5, D W Clarke 6, D G Carling 7, R H Cook (C) 8. For the dedication of the new graveyard.

Kings Norton, Leics. 2 Dec, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Kate J Langham 1, Kay S Horne 2, S P Peverett 3, D W Clarke 4, R T Wheelhouse 5, D G Carling 6, J R Thompson (1st Grandsire as C) 7, B Heys 8.

Oadby, Leics. 2 Dec, 1260 Doubles (7m): A R Hampshire 1, S P Peverett 2, Kay S Horne 3, B Heys 4, D G Carling (C) 5, D G Ward 6. Most m: 3,4.

NOTE: These quarters are reproduced on the Quarter Peal page.