Universities of Leicester Easter Outing to Kent 2000

Having resurrected the traditional summer outing of the society last year with success, we decided to hold an Easter outing. This was hosted by Ben Edwards, last year's secretary.

The weekend started early on Thursday, with us all somehow getting to Braintree, Essex. We had been invited to ring on Ben Kipling's Flowerpots at Garage-le-Tower (6, 0-1-4 in F#). Having been pre-warned of work still in progress we found Ben and Rebecca in the Garage mending ropes and things.

The afternoon saw us all working on the bells, and playing around on computers. By the evening all six were just about in a state where they could be rung. Some rounds followed, and attempts at Bob Doubles failed due to ropes slipping wheels.

Friday saw more work on the bells, after which, more attempts at Bob Doubles followed, this time failing due to broken ropes. In the afternoon, we left for Kent.

After some tea, we met up with some of our friends that we had made the summer before, and proceeded to St. Stephen, Canterbury, where we attempted a quarter of Little Bob Major. This was unsuccessful and we returned to Ashford and a pub.

Saturday morning saw a damp and wet start, that stayed for most of the day. Hunton, Linton, Chart Sutton were all visited in the morning. A nice pub lunch was then eaten in a last minute change of venue. The afternoon saw us visiting Ulcombe, Harrietsham, and Hollingbourne. Finally, we went to All Saints, Maidstone. This had not been on the agenda, but we had been invited earlier in the day. Although we were all tired, and only the back 6 are ring-able at the moment due to work on the front 4, we still enjoyed ringing there.

Methods for the day ranged from Rounds & Call Changes, Plain Bob, Beverley, to Surprise Major.

In the evening we went to the local bowling alley, this time Martin did not beat us all at bowling, not getting much better than about 3rd or 4th.

Sunday morning started off with service ringing at Willesborough and Charing. The remainder of the morning was then spent lazing about and watching telly. A nice dinner was had, and a little while later we all went our separate ways.

I would like to thank both of the Benís for organising the bits they did, and thanks also should go to both their parents for the hospitality and food over the weekend.

Mark Banner