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Annual Dinner 1999

The University of Leicester Society of Change Ringers 42nd annual dinner was held on 6th March 1999.

The day started with two (successful) quarter peal attempts. These comprised Grandsire triples at Hugglescote, and Yorkshire Surprise Major at Barrow upon Soar.The Hugglescode quarter as delayed somewhat by our inability to remove the clock chimes. The problem was eventualy sorted, and the quarter proceeded as planned.

We then regrouped, and met several other past members in Ye olde Bulls Head, Woodhouse Eaves, for the outing. Four towers were visited, Woodhouse Eaves(6), Woodhouse(6), Quorn(8) and Thurcaston(8).

The meal was again hosted at the Regency hotel, where we met back up before the meal. The attendance for this meal was unexpectedly large, with almost double previous numbers. The food was excellent, and the fleet of paper aeroplanes flying across the room was appreciated more by some members than others. We're blaming this on the Nottingham presence.

After the meal the president made a very brief speech. We then retired to the bar and spent the rest of the evening socialising over drinks.

The weekends events finished with a successful attempt for a quarter peal of Cambridge Surprise Minor at Knighton.

I'm sure all present would like to thank Ben Edwards for putting in all the time and effort in organising this successful event.

Paul Brook

Photos from the weekend are here
Quarter peals rung on the weekend are here