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Annual Dinner 1998

This report appeared in The Ringing World on April 24, 1998 - page 405.

41 years and still going.

On the 28th of February 1998, the Universities of Leicester Society of Change Ringers met for their 41st annual outing and dinner.

In the best student tradition the day started (as it does) at lunch time in the pub, with ringers past and present meeting again at the Black horse, Houghton, and sharing tales of old over a midday snack. It could be said though that the reunion started a week earlier when one individual turned up and wondered where everyone was! (And no, he didn’t just stay in the pub all week waiting for the rest of us to turn up.)

The outing proceeded with four local towers - Illston-on-the-hill (6), Gaulby (6), King’s Norton (8), and Thurnby (8), the early bird arriving late and the president lethaly wielding a camera, much to everyone’s delight. The ringing went well, and was of varying complexity, ranging from rounds and called changes to Cambridge Major. Our efforts were much appreciated by the hundreds of butterflies which didn't have much choice but to wake up despite the brief snow shower(s).

We regrouped that evening (after a brief recovery session) at the Regency Hotel, joined by those unable to make the earlier outing. After spending some time chatting about the days activities, at the bar, we sat down to an enjoyable meal, during which someone announced that they were a chicken (okay, so it was funny at the time) and it was decided by another individual that brandy snaps reminded them of the early Dr Who films (!?!).

The meal concluded with the usual short presidential speech in which the new president and secretary (that will be us) for the coming year was announced . We retired to the bar (hooray!) where we enjoyed various conversations and endured group photos.

A good time was had by all present, and we would like to thank Mark Banner, our absolutely wonderful president, for all the time and effort he has put in to the organisation of the day's events.

Rebecca George and Ben Edwards.
President and Secretary

More Photos from the day