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Annual Dinner 1997

This report appeared in The Ringing World on May 9, 1997 - page 474.

University of Leicester Ringers, Past and Present meet again.

On 1st March 1997, the Leicester University Society of Change Ringers held their annual outing and dinner. We headed for the Old Black Horse, at Houghton on the Hill. Members past and present met, one less than expected, consumed a light lunch, and headed towards our first tower.

It was later discovered that in eager anticipation of the following years outing, the absentee was busy learning to drive so that he might be able to provide transport. Fortunately one of those present knew another ringer in the vicinity who was able to join us.

In the afternoon we visited the towers of Houghton (6), Billesdon (8), Skeffington (5) and Tilton (4). All were enjoyable, each being interesting in its own way.

Everyone then headed back to where they were staying, to prepare for the evening meal. We met up in the bar of the Regency Hotel, in the town centre of Leicester. After several drinks, we sat down for dinner. The food was filling and highly enjoyed by all the President commenting afterwards that she was "stuffed!" this was immediately confirmed by the earlier absentee on the grounds of her appearance. She was not impressed.

During coffee, the President gave a very short speech, it would have been longer, had it not been for the camera which was thrust directly in front of her, or so she said! It was also announced that Yours Truly would be President of the Leicester University Ringers for the following year.

We then returned to the bar, most of the members talking over their drinks until well after midnight, about subjects varying from cars to computers and babies to BMWs and of course, Bell Ringing!

Everyone who came had a good time, and our heartfelt thanks go to the retiring President, Hannah Burgess for all her hard work and organisation.

The next dinner is planned for the 28 February 1998 - take note former Leicester University ringers. If you are an old member of the Change Ringers at Leicester University, then please email us at ulscr@le.ac.uk

If you are coming to Leicester or DeMonfort University next year, then please dont hesitate to get in contact with me, via my home address

Lastly, on the Sunday following the event, a quarter peal was rung to celebrate the dinner. The details are here.

President of ULSCR

Note: The contact details have been changed in accordance with our current details.