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Annual Dinner 1994

This report appeared in The Ringing World on April 22, 1994 - page 402.
Leicester University's 21st Annual Dinner Day took place on Saturday 5th March. The day started with the exchange of conversation at the Castle Hotel, Kirby Muxloe, between members, both past and present.

The first tower of the afternoon was Kirby Muxloe, where ringing accurately reflected the band's capabilities, as befits the first tower after lunch. Anstey proved to be slightly challenging to one or two of our members, with the only "little accident" of the day. Apologies are due to the ringers at Anstey for the inconvenience and we hope that this will not prejudice our chances of visiting again in future years.

Thurcaston provided a further opportunity for one of our friends to add yet another method to his list of those he cannot ring. The final tower of the day was Syston. The local ringers asked us to try to give ourselves a good impression, so we started by ringing rounds. After about a minute of not ringing rounds, we stood the bells up and attempted to ring rounds again. This proved to be more successful, and the ringing continued to be of a reasonable standard for the rest of the time we were there. Many thanks are due to all the towers for allowing us to visit them.

In an attempt to mark the 21st anniversary of the Leicester University Ringers Dinner, the meal this year was held at the University itself, where the 27 members and friends attending the meal met.

During coffee, pressure was put on the present Ringing Master, Samantha Jeff, by the Secretary, Elisabeth Sanderson, to make a speech. The past Master, name withheld, apologised for this, being yet another omission he had failed to pass on. Following some hasty discussions, the Master rose with encouragement from the rest of the audience, thanked everyone for turning up and hoped that they had enjoyed the evening thus far. With a few well chosen words, she then passed the speech straight to the Secretary, who was, for once, somewhat lost for words. She rallied magnificently to report on the events of the previous year emphasising how all of the new learners acquired at Freshers Fair had been thoroughly put off by the teachings of the past Master.

Having been a little worried how the rest of the evening would go, the organisers were relieved that conversations between past and present members continues until 11:30 p.m. and beyond.

Feeling that the arrangements for this years meal went so well, it is likely that the dinner next year will be held on the first weekend in March (4th) with the meal at the University. The organisers would again like to thank all those people who made the day such a success.