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Annual Dinner 1993

This report appeared in The Ringing World on April 23, 1993 - page 396.

Not quite the 20th Anniversary Dinner

Past members from all over the country joined current undergraduates on 27th February for the annual Leicester University SCR Dinner. Earlier in the day the rowers of Illston-on-the-Hill, Gaulby and Kings Norton were visited where ringing ranged from rounds and call changes up to the dizzy heights of Bristol Surprise Major - even the Original Minor came round!

The dinner itself was held at the Moat House Hotel, Oadby, Leicester where 24 members and friends sat down for an excellent meal. It was not planned to have any speeches but Diana Linford stood to thank those present for attending and hoped that the Society, whose active members had dwindled in the current academic year, would countinue and prosper in the years to come. In reply, Stephen Peverett spoke on behalf of the current membership and thanked Diana Linford for organising the event especially as this was done over 100 miles from Leicester. A small presentation was made to Diana for her efforts. Because of the smaller than usual numbers the traditional barn dance had not been arranged so those present spent the rest of the evening reminiscing over the events of previous years.

It has been noted that 1994 will be the 20th anniversary of the first LUSCR dinner and that it would be nice if this could be celebrated by many of the past memebers. Unfortunately the Society records (and handbells) have gone astray and if anyone knows of thier current whereabouts please could the contact the society.

Next bit has been cut - contact details. Ed.

Perhaps a certain Mr Pickford would like to publish a history of the Society in a future edition of The Ringing World!