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Annual Dinner 1985

This report appeared in The Ringing World 1993 - page 235.

Democratic Menu Proves Succesful

Yes, of course it snowed on the date set for the Leicester University Society's annual dinner. It did not, however, prevent the nobel few from going on the ringing tour prior to the dinner. It actually proved to be a good day out, only one tower had to be abandoned because of impassable roads and our coach only had to be dug out a couple of times. On the whole the standard of ringing was comparable with the high standard of the bells, and the choice of lunch arrangements were excellent, a wonderfully warm pub with good food and beer.

Later the same few ringers were joined by a much larger number of society members and friends at Leicester's Belmont Hotel. Some had clearly "dressed up for the occasion", dinner jackets may yet become order of the day. A superb dinner was served, the menu having been selected democratically at the meeting earlier in the year. Then came the speeches - or did they? A certian lack of communication almost prevented this important part of the proceedings from occuring. The length of the speeches was curtailed to allow Dennis the Menace and company to enliven the evening further with a barn dance. As per usual, the slipper floor led to a few falls, and the speed of the dances to a few minor collisions.

Sunday morning ringing had again the highest turn out of the year after the dinner day and some very good Grandsire Triples was rung. Let's hope it doesn't snow next year!.