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Universities of Leicester Society of Change Ringers' Annual Dinner Weekend (2001)

Yet Another Dinner Day with Snow.

This year's annual dinner of the Universities of Leicester Society of Change Ringers was held on Saturday 24th February. As has become custom, a quarter peal was rung in the morning (details below).

Due to the amount of travelling, the afternoon's outing started before lunch with ringing at Waltham on the Wolds (6). After a good pub lunch, the outing progressed to Sproxton (8), Wymondham (6) and finally Melton Mowbray (10). Ringing ranged from Plain Bob Doubles to Yorkshire Major.

The dinner was held at the Regency Hotel in Leicester, where some 25 past and present members joined together. Whilst dinner was finishing, I got a bit worried as two people from two different couples wondered off arm in arm, apparently snow was falling outside and they were going to look at it. This was therefore yet another dinner day in recent years that has seen snow.

After dinner had finished, I gave a speech about the going-ons of the society over the last year. Of the few members we have, only one (Paul Brook) is staying on until next year. Freshers shouldn't worry however, as there is good ringing to be found around Leicester, we've had a lot of fun as a society of only 3 to 5 members, and there's bound to be some past members hanging around who will help the society out. Anyway, as you may have guessed Paul will be the president for the next year.

After I had finished my speech, I handed over to Dr Lin Foxhall-Forbes MBE (hon). She spoke about the ringing in the millennium project and her involvement in it. Afterwards, as normal, the dinner concluded with retirement to the bar for the rest of the evening.

Our thanks should go to John Adcock for ringing with us in the morning quarter peal, the towers on the outings for letting us ring their bells, Paul Brook for organising the dinner, and last but by no means least, Lin Foxhall for speaking.

Lastly a note to all members of the society that the dinner date for next year will be Saturday 23rd February 2002.

Mark Banner

The quarter for the weekend can be found here.
Photos from the weekend will be here soon