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Universities of Leicester Society of Change Ringers' Annual Dinner Weekend (2000)

This year the annual dinner weekend started early with a quarter peal on the Friday evening at Borrough on the Hill (4). This consisted of Bastow, followed the 11 standard minimus methods and came round the final time after a fleeting 36 minutes. Satisfied with the result, we hung up our ropes and headed back to the Craddock for a number of drinks and a general chat about the following days events, amongst other things.

A very sunny, if brisk, Saturday morning brought with it two more quarter peals to kick off the dinner day. These were held at Narborough (6) and Cosby (6). Cambridge Major was on the agenda to be rung at both towers. This was considered rather ambitious by some each tower only having six bells and six ringers, and after some discussion on the logistics of the situation all set to ringing Cambridge minor. Both quarters achieved we adjourned to the Plough and Harrow in Frolesworth to meet and eat.

The outing was set to take us around four towers in the counties of Leicestershire and Coventry. These being Claybrooke (8), Newbold-on-Avon (10), Rugby St Andrew (5) and Rugby St Andrew (8). The ringing on the outing was varied with the likes of Rounds and Called changes to Grandsire Caters being rung. An attempt at what we believe is a previously unrung method was also made at each tower (see below). Our dedication finally paid off when, at the last tower on the outing, a plain course of the doubles method consisting of 120 changes was achieved. We would like to name the method 'Universities of Leicester' although I believe it had been called many other names during the course of the day! The outing concluded, we all departed to our respected residencies to change and prepare for the evening meal, which was to be held at our usual venue, The Regency Hotel.

As always, we congregated in the bar at 7.30 to meet with friends past and present, adjourning after a short while to search out our allocated places around the beautifully set out banqueting table. Jane Curtis provided Grace before we all tucked in to some extremely delicious food and interesting conversation. I don't know about the rest of the table, but there were some very 'imaginative' topics discussed at our end. This year saw the re-introduction of speeches, which although not quite in the format planned were a very welcome addition to the proceedings. After a brief introduction by Mark, Richard Curtis provided us with a very enjoyable and amusing speech about the missionary value of ringing (you had to be there). A second speaker was planned to follow, but numerous attempts and obviously not enough bribes, left us out of time and ideas. Mark very bravely filled this gap by updating us all on the happenings within the society so far this year, and on future events being planned. The new committee was announced; Rebecca George is stepping down as President after two years in the job. This appointment will be taken by Mark Banner, with Paul Brook continuing as Secretary. After the speeches all retired to the bar to make use of the comfy seats. General chat was enjoyed until the early hours of the morning, the last of us deciding that bed was a good idea if there was any chance of us making service ringing in that morning.

Sunday evening brought the customary quarter peal rung to close the weekend's activities. This was rung at Knighton (8) with Amy Parkin, a local ringer at the tower, on the treble to her first quarter peal. Many congratulations to Amy for an excellent quarter.

Well, I think that covers the weekend sufficiently. Many thanks to Paul for his organisation of the event, and to Richard Curtis for speaking to us. Finally we thank everyone who attended and supported the event. Without you it would be impossibility. I very much look forward to next year's meal. This being held on 24th February, slightly earlier than usual.


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