When we get those slight dodgy sayings that everyone likes they go on this page, for everyone to see!

Quotes from the Summer Canal Holiday 2000

Quotes from the Easter Outing to Kent 2000

Helen: I want a go with 3.
Mark: I just grabbed the knob that was nearest to me.
Paul: Are you volunteering to be in the middle then?
Andrew: Are you coming then?
Spencer: I'm going to use the 'Big One'

Annual Dinner 1997:

President: (At the end of a very good dinner.) I feel stuffed.
Someone: You look it.

Quotes from the NUA 1999

Sitting on Andrew's lap...
Alex: It's too hard, I'll fall of the chair.

Tim to Paul: Who are you with?.

Other Quotes

Comments by Paul whilst looking through his diary:

Quotes by Rebecca


Rebecca: Mark's playing with his joystick again.
Ben: It's harder with a keyboard.

Ben: the water in the loos is freezing.
Mark: What were you doing with your hands down the loo?

Leanne: Ohhh! I am bleeping.
Paul: And there I was thinking it was the (mobile) phone.

Mark: You can tell its friday because everyone goes down the pub and gets off early.
Rebecca: Oh yea!?!