A potted history of ULSCR

This is just a short list of the slightly more significant dates of the society. For more details see the peals, quarters, reports or past committee pages under the History section of the contents.

Significant Dates
1957Society founded by John P. Partington. Joined local band of All Saints for practice.
25 January 1958First Peal by the society
September 1961Robert Hardy joins society. Now supporting St. John the Divine.
1962 - 1964Robert Hardy becomes Ringing Master, gets some ULSCR practices going at All Saint's and then St. Mary-de-Castro.
1970 - 1974Chris Pickford joins the society. Ringing not very strong, support from graduates and local ringers required. Still attended St. John the Divine.
1973University tower slowly moves to St. Mary de Castro
16 February 1974First Annual Dinner, instituted by Carol Tull.
1980sThe society appears to have been fairly strong. Known mainly as the Leicester University and Polytechnic Society. There is a report of the society becoming active in 1984. Fresher and Summer outings appear to have been introduced as regular events.
1979 - 1982Strong association with St. Mary de Castro, the offical Polytechnic Society home tower. University tower St. Margaret's until 1981, and moved to All Saint's.
1982?All Saint's made redundant, university tower moved to Great Glen.
1990sAfter a good decade previously, the society's numbers drop and almost collapses in about 1993. However, the society continues with a few regular members, the late 90s showing an increase to about 4 to 6, but not back up with the 80s levels.
1993No resident society, Dinner organised by past members
About 1993University society moves it's tower to Knighton, where it has remained ever since.
1997 onwardsAfter hearing about the lost records, I (Mark Banner) become interested and start researching the history of the society. A web page is soon set up to help attract new members and keep existing/past members informed of what is happening.
1998Society attends the Northern Universities Association weekend for the first time in a few years, and wins the striking competition (report).
1999After hearing about the summer outings the society had previously, it is decided to start them again, and Mark Banner hosts the first in Sussex (report).
4 October 1999Members of the society amend the constitution bringing it up to date. Also decided on using the title 'Universities of Leicester SCR' as our formal title outside of the students' union restrictions.
2000sWell this part of the history is still being written. 2000 was a particularly successful year, although still with few members. Two quarter peal days were organised and 16 out of 19 quarters attempted for the year were got.
18 June 2000Society rings it's first peal for 10 years (as far as is known) with the help of associate members.
17 - 19 November 2000Society hosts the Northern Universities Association weekend, based around Earl Shilton.