past committee

Past committee members

We are currently trying to find out who past members of the society were, so we can regain contact with them. As part of this, we are trying to track the society through the years it has been a university society. Here are the committee members of past years that I know of (note: these may not be correct), please fill me in (or correct) if you can - thanks.

DatesPresident / Ringing MasterSecretaryTreasurerMain Tower
2000-2001Mark BannerPaul Brook-Knighton
1999-2000Rebecca GeorgePaul Brook-Knighton
1998-9Rebecca GeorgeBen Edwards-Knighton
1997-8Mark Banner--Knighton
1996-7Hannah Burgess--Knighton
1995-6Hannah BurgessKathy Bromage-Knighton
1994-5Samantha JeffLiz Sanderson-Knighton
1993-4Samantha JeffLiz Sanderson-Knighton
1992-3Stephen Peverett (?)--St. Margarets
1991-2Stephen Peverett (?)--St. Margarets
1990-1Zoe FriendAndrew HampshireDouglas WardGreat Glen
1989-90Brian HeysWendy DrummerDouglas Ward Great Glen
1988-9Brian Heys / Wendy HarveyAngela CampionBrian HeysGreat Glen
1987-8Richard WheelhouseAngela CampionBrian HeysGreat Glen
1986-7Alan CombsDave CarlingRichard WheelhouseGreat Glen
1985-6Dave CarlingSarah RaceSarah JonesGreat Glen
1984-5Diana Linford / Dave CarlingChristine FoxIan BruntGreat Glen
1983-4Diana LinfordNick SturgessRichard WheelhouseGreat Glen
1982-3Isobel LeggNick SturgessTim SimmonsGreat Glen
1981-2Simon WhiteSusan LeeTim SimmonsAll Saints
1980-1Catherine MeadsSally AtkinsPeter KirbyAll Saints
1979-80Margaret BarnardCatherine MeadsHowell Williams?St Margarets
1978-9   St Margarets
1974-5Hilary Powell   
1973-4Bob CrichtonCarol Tull St Mary de Castro
1972-3Chris PickfordCarol Tull-St John the Divine/St Mary de Castro
1971-2Chris PickfordJanice Flight-St John the Divine
1970-1Andrew HarrisonAnn Whaley-St John the Divine
1969-0Andrew HarrisonAnn Whaley- 
1963-4Robert HardyMonica Moore St John-the-Divine, and St. Mary De Castro (?)
1962-3Robert HardyMonica Moore St John-the-Divine, and All Saints
1961-2Peter Atkins   
1957-8Earnest Morris
(V.Pres) Alan Cattell
  All Saints