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These links are to pages that we like to view or find interesting. We cannot guarantee the content of these sites, or that the links are correct. If you find any mistakes, or have some suggestions for new ones, then please mail us.


Change Ringing Resources
A very useful page containing links to details of all aspects of ringing.
Calling Touches
A good guide for beginners who are just starting to learn how to call touches.
Abel Ringing Simulator
A Simulator designed to aid striking and help learning of methods.
The Ringing World
The Bellringer's Newspaper.
Sherbourne Teaching Aids
A series of products to help with teaching and learning.
Dove's Guide
Dove's Guide to Churches with bells is now on the internet.
University of Leicester Society of Change Ringers
Information about the society, practice times, contact details, and what's happening.
Sussex County Association of Change Ringers
Homepage for the SCACR.
Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers
Homepage for the EDA.
The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
The central organising body for change ringing.
Windows Record Keeper (WinRK)
Keep details of your quarter peals and peals on computer.
The Handbell Ringers of Great Britain
An associated past-time.
John Taylor and Co.
The Whitechapel Bell Foundry
The two main bellfoundries


Downloader for X
An excellent package for downloading files under the X environment. Copes with http and ftp, broken downloads, and delayed downloads.
Linux Hq
Find kernel sources, patches and more info here.
Wine Development HQ
Allows you to run your windows programs on Linux by providing interfaces to all the calls windows allows.
Hopf at Demon
Advice on connecting to Demon via Linux, some Perl Scripts, and other stuff, well worth a visit for Demon Linux users.
S.U.S.E. Linux
One of the many linux suppliers.
Red Hat
Another of the many linux suppliers.
Apache Web Server
A free to download linux web server.
The K Desktop Environment
The KDE X Windows Desktop
- In my opinion one of the better ones.
Linux Information Sheet
More info on Linux.
Linux WWW Sites all over the world
There's definitely a lot of them.
The home of the perl language.
The Windows version of Gnu's C/C++ complier.
GNU is not Linux!
The homepage of the GNU Organisation

HTML, javascript and related items

My HTML Help Guide
All the HTML tags you'll need to create your own page, and how to use them.
Netscape's Javascript Guide page
Netscape's DevEdge Online contains several javascript guides, and also goes into providing guides to Dynamic HTML. This link links you directly to the Javascript page where you can browse their reference guides, or download them for offline viewing. Kept up to date with all the latest Javascript information, well worth a visit.
"Cut & Paste" JavaScript Library.

dilbert icon To the Dilbert Zone!
The Internet home of the dilbert comic strip.
Symantec's Virus Hoax Page
Symantec's list of hoax virus warning emails.

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