Archive: New Touches/Items on this Site

This page is the archive of the what's new page. As some of the pages have been redone, not all the links will work properly.

Moved 8 Spliced Surprise Major to Spliced Surprise Major Page.
Added 2 touches of 8 Spliced (surprise) Major
Added 204 of Plain Bob Minor
Added a new link to Short Touches of Stedman Triples on the links page
Added a 144 of Plain Bob Minor
Added 2 touches of Double Norwich Court Bob Major
Corrected 168 of Single Oxford Bob Triples.
Corrected 226 of Double Norwich and Bristol Spliced
Added 83 of Spliced Plain and Little Bob Minor
Added 9 touches of Plain and Little Bob Major
Added 3 touches of Single Oxford Bob Triples
Added 7 touches of Grandsire Triples
Added 192 of Stedman Triples
Added some more links
Added touches of Spliced Plain and Little Bob Minor
Added 60 of Stedman Triples
Added 167 and a 209 of Plain Bob Triples
Added 119 of Plain Bob Minor
Added 119 of Little Bob Minor
Added 111 and a 360 of Plain Bob Doubles
Added 168 of Plain Bob Triples
Added 3 60s, 2 80s, 4 100s, and 3 120s to the Plain Bob Doubles section. Most of the 60s and 120s are the standard ones.
Added 61 of Grandsire Doubles
Added 168 of Plain Bob Minor
Added 224 of St. Clements Bob Major
Added a jokes page containing a couple of bellringing related jokes that I have lying around.
There is now a mailing list available. It will only contain updates that I send out, see the faq for details
Added 93 of Stedman Triples (Variable Cover)
Added 226 of Spliced Bristol and Double Norwich, thanks to Richard Angrave for his compostion.
Added 137 of Stedman Triples
Added 2 touches (167, 209) Grandsire Triples
Added 2 touches (132, 144) of Plain Bob Minor
Added 168 of Stedman Triples
Added 4 touches of Kent which also work for Oxford and Norwich.
Added 144 of Norwich
Added 2 touches (272, 312) of 2 spliced minor

Added 128 of 3 spliced minor
Changed some of the coding behind the site & some of the look. Also added details about the mailing list to the FAQ.
Removed 81 of Grandsire Doubles - it came round at the 4th lead end and hence not worth using as an 81. 81 of Plain Bob and Grandsire is fine though.
Added 81 of Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles - useful for 2001 changes of doubles. 2nd is only required to plain hunt in the Grandsire, hence it is good for those who only know plain bob.
Added 3 touches (all 240 changes) to the London Surprise Minor section.
Added 154 of Plain Bob Triples
Corrected 119 of Plain Bob Minor to 131.
Added 5 touches (all 218 changes) to the London Surprise Minor section.
Added numbers of touches for each method onto the Method Index page.
Added 12 touches to the London Surprise Minor page.
Changed the False/True touches highlighting and updated the FAQ page accordingly.
170 Cambridge S Minor
117 London S Minor
65 4 Spliced Minor
Added touch of 96 London S Minor
Added touches of 94, 117 and 122 Cambridge S Minor
Added touches of 108 Plain Bob Minor
Finally sorted out the touches for Plain Bob Doubles and St Simons/Martins doubles that had question marks in them.
Added a links page to other recommended touches sites.
Added 189 Bob Doubles