New Touches/Items on this Site

Corrected problems where the same notes had been copied onto the next few touches in the same row.
Updated a couple of links on the links page
Changed layout of touches so that music is now indicated in short format just below the touch.
Added 3 touches of 2 Spliced Minor
Added 1 touch of 4 spliced doubles
Moved 2 spliced touches of doubles to a new spliced doubles page and
added 1 touch of 2 spliced doubles (Plain and St Simons)
Added 2 touches of Original Doubles
Reformatted and shortened some touches to improve layout.
Added 1 touch of 3 spliced minor (single oxford, plain, little)
Added 2 touches of 4 spliced minor
Now 250 touches available on this site.
Added link to Calling Touches. A good site for the beginner in calling touches.
Added a touch of 3 spliced Minor (cambridge, plain and little)
Added 5 touches of St Clement's College Bob Minor
Proved many of the spliced touches - most of these now have the lead ends generated by the back end computer generation of the site.
Moved touches to the new address, so that it integrates better with the standard 8 bells pages.
Updated the FAQ page
Updated the Grandsire Triples page to include another option for more touches - created 7 new touches.
Added 2 touches of Kent Treble Bob Minor
Added 2 touches of London Surprise Major
Added new link to John Irving's Grandsire Doubles site.
Added a 100 of All Saints Doubles
Added a 100 and a 720 of Grandsire Doubles
Added a 3 touches of Single Oxford Bob Triples
Proved loads more touches. This is all done via a computer program and the output goes straight onto the web site, hence one or two mistakes have been corrected (Mainly incorrect lengths), and less should now occur!
Added basic musical analysis (queens, kings, titums, reverse rounds) for those touches that are generated via computer.
Updated the credits page to mention the ringing library.
Updated the faq page.
Added one more touch of Cambridge Surprise Minor
Added one more touch of London Surprise Minor
Rewrote the backend generation. This allows me to enter touches a lot more easily, and added a facility to automatically generate the lead ends and test to see if a touch is true.
Proved some more touches as a result of the backend update.
Added Credits page.
Added Total Touches on main page.
Added some more questions and answers to the FAQ page.
Added 204 of Spliced Plain and Little Bob Minor.

The archive of what has been on this page can be found here.