Credits: Touches Collection

This page has been set up as an acknowledgement to all those that have sent touches into me to put on these pages. I am wary to acknowledge beside the individual touches themselves as this may indicate authorship, which may be debateable in some cases (I found this touch first type of comments).

If you have already submitted touches to me and I have not put you on, please let me know at and I will willingly add you to the list.

With Thanks to:

The Ringing Library
The ringing library is a C++ code library. It can run on different operating systems and proves many of the base functions to do with ringing - changes, rows, method lookup, touches, proof etc - it is used on this site to automatically generate the lead heads for, and prove, a lot of the touches (touch proof limited only by my front end being able to cope with various differences in formats etc).
Simon Head
Various touches of Bob Minor
Don Morrison
Various touches and also supporting my original idea for the site.
Phillip George
Various touches
Mark Lynch
Lots of different touches.
Richard Angrave
Different and unusual touches plus some corrections
Chris Adams
Touches of spliced Doubles
Rebecca Banner
Touches of spliced Minor