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Getting Ringing Programs to work on Linux

There are lots of ringing applications that are available that will run on Windows. However I currently have not found any that have been designed to work on Linux; As I do a lot of my work in Linux I find this quite annoying. However I have found a solution that at least gets things running on Linux.

I have put this page here so that others may find out what I have done and hopefully be given a jump start. I cannot guarentee that anything will work, or that it won't kill your computer. By the way - this is probably not the only way to do it.

If after going through this page, you are still having problems feel free to email me at Replacing the - at - with the normal symbol.

Page last updated: 07/05/04

What you need / What I have tested

Linux Operating System

I used Linux Mandrake 9.0, it's available from most computer shops, sometimes on the front of linux magazines or you can download it from Other versions of linux should work just as well.

Extra Software

You need:

Note: Wine is probably already available on your linux distribution, however it will probably be worth getting the latest version from the web site as it's under constant development and improvement.

Software I have tested

The following table contains a list of the software that I have tested with Wine version dated 18th April 2004 (obtained via CVS) along with my comments of how I thought it worked. It is not exhaustive and only details software that I have available to me at the current time.

NOTE: The problems are to do with the wine implementation rather than the program itself. As far as I know, these programs do not experience these problems on Microsoft Windows - their intended platform.

Application and URL Version Tested Installed via Wine? Notes Noticeable Problems
3.4.0 Installer with existing Windows installation didn't appear to work, however installer without existing Windows installation worked fine. Appears to run generally quite well without needing any special tweaks from the standard installation.
  1. The timing of the bells is not always perfect, and the user input can be delayed as well (note this could be altered for tower bells by the use of the input line 'tweak' settings).
  2. The sound tends to be a bit tinny.
  3. The display of the numbers in the main area around the ropes sometimes gets messed up.
Rope Sight Tutor
1.0.3 Yes Runs well with few noticeable problems.
  1. Some very minor display problems on control set up.
Call Change Ringer
3.2.0 Yes Runs well I didn't find any problems N/A
Method Tutor
3.0.1 Yes Runs well I didn't find any problems N/A
Method Workshop
2.03 Yes Runs well with only a few problems
  1. Help tips didn't display properly on startup
  2. Some functions related to print don't work, but that could be my setup.
  3. Gransire Caters on the Bedford ring at a speed of 13 whole pulls a minute went fuzzy after the second lot of rounds
Tower Visit Logger
1.01 Yes Seems to run reasonably well.
  1. Couldn't enter date of visit of a tower
Learn the Line
1.2 N/A - no installer Seems to work fine without any problems. N/A
0.7 N/A - no installer Seems to work fine without any problems. N/A

What you need to do

Most Linux installations are different, so whilst giving you an idea here on what to do, I don't want to go into too much detail about my particular installation as it'll probably confuse things further.

First if you haven't already, get and install wine - instructions and the source for this are on the website

Next, set up your wine config file. This can be found in your home directory under .wine/config:

Now open up a console and navigate to the directory which holds your executable (could be something like cd /mnt/windows/Program\ Files/Abel\ 3/).

Next run it by typing wine 'appname' where 'appname' is the application executable name without the quotes (e.g. wine Abel3.exe).

Hopefully within a minute or two your chosen application should be displayed. If there is a problem, wine will normally put out a load of debugging information on the console, or prompt you with error messages. With a little digging around you should be fix these - for the versions I checked above, I had no problems in getting them running by using the default installation.

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