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For Learners

From here you can find more web pages, help sheets and similar that are designed to help you and others learn about Bellringing. You are quite welcome to print them out for your own use or to show others. We would be grateful if you could maintain the link to the web page so that others can come and find these resources as well.

For Teachers

The help sheets specifically have been designed for learners as an aid to learning the basics; we have used these during our teaching sessions. The web pages have been designed with the same in mind. You are most welcome to use them for your learners, if you would be grateful to keep the link to the site on the sheets, then they can come and find out more if they wish


If you have suggested modifications then please take the time to email us at webmaster* so we can perhaps include them in furture versions for other learners

The Resources

Due to space/bandwidth limitations, word and rtf formats for the resource sheets are only available in zip file format at the bottom of the page.

If you need help or a slightly different format, we may be able to help you, email mark* with your request.

Key to Formats
WordWord DocumentWord 95 format, ready to print.
RTFRich Text FormatThe same word document as RTF, most word processors should be able to read this.
PNGPortable Network GraphicsYour browser may or may not be able to print this format, you may need to right click on the link and select "save line as"

Individual Resource Sheets
Glossary of Terms Designed for new bellringers to give them an overview of the basic terms, e.g. Sally, stay, whole pull. PNG Download 21 kB
Word Only in Zip -
RTF Only in Zip -
Call Changes Designed for those who can manage rounds on their own to help them understand call changes and the mechanics of moving the bell around. PNG Download 22 kB
Word Only in Zip -
RTF Only in Zip -
Calling Call Changes A guide to calling call changes. Especially designed for those who have not called anything before, and for those who cannot yet ring methods. PNG Download 32 kB
Word Only in Zip -
RTF Only in Zip -
Plain Hunt Designed for learners to understand the mechanics of Plain Hunt and to give an understanding of how to ring it. PNG Download 60 kB
Plain Bob Doubles A guide to plain bob doubles, explaining the various parts and how to know what you should be doing and where. PNG Download 44 kB
Touches of Bob Doubles A short guide as to what happens at bobs in Plain Bob Doubles and what to do in each position. PNG Download 100 kB
Grandsire Doubles A guide to Grandsire Doubles, combining the plain course and touches onto one sheet PNG Download 284 kB

Compressed All Resource Sheets
Zip file of all Word sheetsZipDownload125 kB
Zip file of all RTF sheetsZipDownload152 kB
Zip file of all PNG sheetsZipDownload544 kB

Further Resources

Links to further resources about bellringing can be found on the links page

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